Services we offer

Unblock drains by high pressure water jetting Our high pressure water jetting service is an ideal way to clear out drain blockages and scale, and also to clear up pollution spills, property guttering, roofs and even garden decking and patios.

We use a quick, efficient and effective method to clear Sinks, Basins, Baths, and WC pans We might need just a simple tool or, for a more stubborn blockage, we might use electro-mechanical machines. Rest assured, once we’ve found out what the problem is, our engineers will have the right equipment on hand to take care of it.

Gully cleaning and emptying service Often, gullies (where all the rain water goes) become blocked, resulting in blocked drains and overflowing. We offer a gully emptying service that can clear blocked drains and blocked gullies, allowing the natural flow of rain water to return to normal.

Re-lining drains 4” 6” and 9” reducing the need to excavate and replace Where Re-lining is not possible, No-dig technology or relining is the fastest and most cost-effective way to repair a damaged drain or sewer.

Installing sceptic tanks We would be pleased to give you as much advice as possible regarding any septic tank issue and we can arrange a visit if necessary. We can repair your existing tank system or supply and install a new septic tank.

Excavate and renew drainage when re-lining is not an option We are able to offer a full excavation, replacement and reinstatement service whether the ground surface is block paving, tarmac, concrete, etc

Tanker Vactor Unit Vactor unit which is specially designed to meet the demands of fast clearance of pipes, culverts and sewers from 100mm upwards.

Drain testing (Dye Test) Dye testing with a non toxic, non staining, soluble dye is one way of helping to determine where a pipe or structure drains to.

Who use us?

Commercial Customers

City Response,
Jackson Lloyd,
Hillburn Drainage and underground services consultants,
JC Construction,
Southway Housing Trust,
M&Y building maintenance,
New Charter Housing,
Manchester City Council,

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If you require an immediate consultation then please don't hesitate to call our 24 hour a day 365 days a year number 0800 515 425 and have a chat to our expert operators.





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